Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Configure CRM 2011 with Office Outlook 2010 using IP Address

When you configure CRM Client for Office Outlook, you know that you are required to specify the URL of the CRM application usually of the kind: http://[ServerName]:5555/[OrganizationName]

When I tried to do this, the configuration wizard error'd out with a generic error of, "Could not connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, please contact your Administrator."

Even if I tried via the server IP address, I received the same error.


Prepare your server for the configuration process
  • Modify the host file on your server to add a mapping between IP address and server host name. For example: If your IP address is and the host name of the server is "CRMSERVER". Navigate to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and open the file hosts in your notepad and add the following line as shown in the image below.

Prepare the client machine for the configuration process
  • In your IE (Internet Explorer), add http://crmserver/ to your Local Intranet zone. Steps: Open IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Local Intranet > Click on Sites > Advanced button.
  • On Windows Credential Manager, add your credentials. Steps: Navigate to Control Panel > Open Credential Manager > Add a Windows Credential
Internet or network address : crmserver
Username : [domain]\[your username]
Password : [your domain password]
  • Check if CRM is still accessible via the Internet Explorer Browser?
Now configure CRM 2011 for Office Outlook. In the Server URL field type, http://[CRM Server IP]:5555 > Click on Test Connection > Choose an Organization and click OK