Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Top CRM Resources

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: Here you can connect with CRM team for all the news & views on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So much on development, customization, implementation, CRM scoops, announcements, documentation, download links. You are only beginning to learn about CRM :)

Dynamics Forums: Ask and it shall be given. Q&A resource on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Anything from "What is CRM" to "Can I find a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner in Antarctica", you will receive an expert advice.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Wiki: Well organized page from an introduction to CRM to development, deployment, articles, whitepaper, resources and much more. You can possibly reach every official resource on CRM on the internet, from here.

More social resources: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

Time to grab some knowledge folks!