Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to fix: "Error while fetching data extension" reporting error in CRM 2011

As a consultant you might have come across this error while accessing reports on CRM 2011.

"Error occurred while fetching the data extension."

Below I show you the screenshot so you can have a familiar look at the error.

You might use either of the below two solutions ....... or both:

SQL Server Reporting Service is not running
Check SQL Server Reporting Service for its status. Start the service if its already not running. Follow these steps:
  1. Start > Administrative Tools > Services
  2. Right click SQL Server Reporting Service > Properties > Start
Check SQL Reporting Services URL for the Organization
The SQL Report Server URL must have been configured incorrectly. Follow below steps to resolve:
  1. Open Deployment Manager
  2. Disable the Organization for which Reports are not running
  3. Click Edit Organization
  4. Check validity* of the Report Server URL. If it is not correct, update the Report Server URL. It might be of the kind http://crmsrv:5555/ReportServer_CRM2011
  5. Follow the wizard further and click Finish
  6. Enable the CRM Organization
*To know the correct URL for Report Server, open Reporting Services Configuration Manager and click on Web Service URL and check the URL towards the below of dialog window.

Produce reports and keep your management happy :)

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