Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MOSS 2007 Conference '08

Two long day's and one "Fantastic" conference held at Dubai. Very informative of course if you are not were not too much familiar too MOSS, but familiar folks present there also had too much to learn(as I could guess by their questions). MOSS 2007 (expands to "Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007") is basically a SharePoint site which can be customized to provide great functionality to streamline business processes. Apart from that one can build blogging sites, wikis and lot more cool stuff by using SilverLight and Ajax just incase you thought of entertainment.

Its a little OOB(Out Of the Box) blog content, but something I learnt; MOSS is integerable to Microsoft CRM and other Dynamics products. So in someway helpfull to the CRM developers. But one really needs to think - Why should you integrate CRM with SharePoint? I am also thinking!!!!!!!

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