Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Speed up the Load Time of CRM Forms

Let get straight to it. How to speed up the loading time of CRM forms?
  • Add your CRM site to the list of trusted sites
  • Disable Form Assistant
When you have scores of data in the CRM database, the Form Assistant loads the data during the form loads. Shutting this functionality off could greatly boost the loading time of the form.
  • Disable Antivirus scan for CRM site
One of the major factors that affect CRM's performance is the Antivirus scan. Disabling this, the difference in load time of the form becomes quite noticible.
  • Use a higher version on IE. (IE7 or higher)
Following the above mentions will drasctically improve CRM form load time. i.e. From 15-20 secs to 2-4 secs. Don't shy to share your points in this regard. Comments are welcome.


  1. The only thing while turning off form assistant, you´ll loose the follow-up function cause this needs the form assistant. So keep this in mind, when turning off the form assistant.

  2. Thanks Carsten.
    Yes, you'll receive an "Error on page" notification error if you click on the Follow Up button when the Form Assistant is disabled.