Thursday, September 8, 2016

Where is my CRM online data?

Short answer, in a Microsoft datacenter located somewhere on planet earth.

Long answer, here's how you can know for sure:

  • While signing up for CRM Online, you are signing up for a public cloud where your data is hosted in one of Microsoft's datacenters.
  • The datacenter is determined by the region you're in. Here is a table that Microsoft has released for your reference. Courtesy Microsoft.
where is my CRM online data
  • This gives you an idea where your data will be hosted however, once you have provisioned your CRM online environment, your URL will clarify the region for you. See the below table for details. Courtesy Peak Engagement
determine CRM online region
  • Now where is your CRM online data, really? Login to CRM online and navigate to https://.crm<4>
  • Look for server name. The first 2 letters determine your data location.
Now I know, where my data is residing.

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