Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reset Auto-Numbering counter - CRM 4.0

If you've worked with the default CRM functionality more over with the settings area, you must be aware of figure below. This is the Set Auto-Numbering window :

What if you created a few Contracts or Invoices or any of the mentioned entities in the auto-numbering page and now you want to reset the counter (i.e. the number field of those entities).

Not a good idea, don't even think of it! Well you may, considering all the consequences. Here I'll tell you where the counter values are stored in the database.

Table dbo.OrganizationBase as shown on your left which is stored under OrgName_MSCRM Database.

Take a sneak peek at the table content and you can notice the prefixes and counter value of KB article, Case and Contract entities. Now you can manipulate, AT YOUR OWN RISK!


  1. Someone has reseted Autonumber?

  2. Hi, can you put again the images? can't see it. May be erased from the blog.