Saturday, March 8, 2008

Error while importing customizations

Many a times I have come across forums and discussions about customization import errors. I tried to find out the reason and came to a full stop with a solution.

Let me share it with the readers:

1. Always publish the customizations without fail.
2. When you are creating a relationship between two entities, remember to publish
both those entities.
3. Its a good practise to publish all customizations before performing
export/import job.
4. Its always a good practise to export all customizations and import only those customizations that you require.
5. If you have 2 entities in relation and would want to retain the relation while export/import, you must export/import both those entities together at once, or you'll have relationship breakup.

These are a few tips to avoid errors while importing customizations that I too came across and thougth to put it on my blog for good. Any more points to look forward for, let me know "for good". Come back to know more common errors and their solutions.

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